Employee Testimonials

Disha Kansara

Business Analyst,
Central Analytics

I have been working with Ascent for 2 years as a lead analyst in the Procurement Department. This is a company that nurtures young talent striving to re-invent traditional processes using tech-driven solutions.

Ascent is growing at a very fast pace and thus each individual gets to learn a lot in a very short span. It is true to its start-up culture where new ideas are encouraged and put into practice. Irrespective of the department you work in, everyone is made aware of how the core business functions and how you can add value. This place is full of opportunities where hard work is recognized and you are given a chance to grow and lead.

The hierarchy in this organization is very lean thus making the management very approachable. Regular open discussions are held to share the progress and challenges faced which helps in keeping all teams aligned and informed.

From my experience, it is truly a fun place to be at, where you get to learn, grow, discover, sometimes re-discover and make a difference to this complex Indian Healthcare Industry

My name is Darshit Kothari and I have been working with Ascent as an Analyst for over 6 months now and one thing I noticed immediately was a positive atmosphere and the importance Ascent places on its employees…

The kind of supportive workplace and culture that Ascent provides and the transparency created for all its employees through their unique townhall events like Chai Pe Charcha with the founders is commendable…

Ascent gave me the chance to be a part of a very professional and dynamic team. Its a place where teamwork and skills are encouraged and highly valued.

The most rewarding part of my career is knowing that my expertise is appreciated and that my managers put a lot of faith in me to lead challenging projects and different initiatives, thus giving me enough space to grow and opportunity to expand my knowledge base and my professional career.

I love bringing business and IT together, I ace at delivering technology solutions that create business value and Ascent has always given me the right platform and the support needed in doing so…

I feel a great sense of achievement in being associated with a company like Ascent…

Darshit Suresh Kothari

Analyst – Enterprise Application
Information Technology

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